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After Endodontic Treatment
The root canal system has been permanently sealed. It is extremely important that a final restoration be placed on the tooth following endodontic treatment. If this is not done in a timely manner, bacteria will re-infect the root canal and the treatment will need to be redone. Teeth that have had root canal treatment are weaker than other teeth and are prone to fracture until a final restoration is placed.

After endodontic treatment is completed, your general dentist will place a permanent filling (core build-up). Most of these teeth will then require a crown to strengthen and protect the tooth, and this will be completed by your dentist.

Please telephone your restorative dentist for an appointment. A comprehensive report of your endodontic treatment which includes before and after radiographs with recommendation will be sent to your restorative dentist.

Included in your treatment is a follow-up examination to evaluate the progress of healing. This appointment will require only a few minutes and no additional fee will be charged for the first check-up visit. We will arrange the appointment for you if necessary after completion of your visit.
Before Endodontic Treatment
After Treatment
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